Jimbaran-Bali is one of places you must visit when you are on your honeymoon, adventure, or leisure family vacation in Bali.  Jimbaran bay is one of the most romantic and beautiful beaches in Bali that when you're there you can turn your muscle tension into such a magical and romantic getaway. .Jimbaran has earned itself a reputation as the ‘Beverly Hills of Bali’. Jimbaran tour is almost in the list of places to visit in Bali holiday packages 

While Jimbaran beach is one of the perfect destinations at Bali, Jimbaran itself is a typical Balinese community with friendly local people. A walk around Jimbaran-Bali is a charming adventure.

People have various reasons visiting Jimbaran bay on their family vacation. For us, enjoying the legendary sunsets at one of the beachside restaurants with all our family members was such an unforgettable dream vacation we had. The sunsets, the food and the location is just amazing and there was also a band walking around playing music . Sunsets in Jimbaran- Bay are the best in Bali beaches, and the seafood that comes in every day is so fresh that make it as the best place to eat on the beach without a fuss. 

  Penabuh Gamelan - Four Season Hotel Jimbaran (Credit to Jai Mason - Flickr)

Night at Jimbaran-Bali (Credit to Robb1e-Flickr)

Jimbaran-Bali is kind of a unique combination of high-end resorts within an authentic local community. It’s a great spot to relax, get a relaxing massage at up-scale or quite affordable spa, have a seafood dinner on the beach, visit the local markets, speak with local people who are nice and friendly - they speak good or broken English, spend the day at the beach or just walking along the streets. Although it can be a little touristy at times, it  is not as crowded as other areas of Bali. 

There may not be as many restaurants as other areas, but they have some delicious local and international food options here. If you happen to have idea or where to go in Jimbaran or other places, we also can help you with local and professional drive on our day private tour package.   

This tour will let you decide where to go. The drivers speak English well and all of them are polite and friendly which represent of Indonesians. What more can you ask for?  

Things to do at Jimbaran-Bali 

There are plenty of other things to do in Jimbaran than visiting the beach.

Spa! Visiting Bali on your luxury family vacation is not complete without a visit to a Balinese spa or a massage. When it comes to spas, Jimbaran-Bali is no slouch and you will find a huge number to choose from.  Or you may look at our package which the price for it includes 90 minutes massages! Can't wait to have it?

There are many types of massages available at most of the accommodations such as relaxing massages using hot stones or aromatic essential oils, or you can also have traditional Balinese baths with flowers and herbs or a full body scrub. I had it once with my daughter at a resort nearby the river and it was such a relaxing moment after sunbathing at the Jimbaran beach. 

Spa at Kayu Manis Resort - Jimbaran-Bali (Credit to Kayumanis.com)

Eating Traditional Bali Dishes! Either on beach or local restaurant There are many of cafes in Jimbaran and are known for their clean  restaurant offers slow or quick food. 

Many restaurants have seafood as the main item in the menu. The fish are typically marinated all day long before being grilled over coconut husks for a wonderful aromatic smoky flavor! The grilled fish then served on a banana leaf with Balinese salad and rice as the sides! What a seafood!  

Most of our private full day tours include dinner at local restaurant or Jimbaran bay. 

Traditional dishes at Jimbaran-Bali.  Picture is courtesy of tripadvisor and Robb1e-Flickr

Sunbathe at other beaches than Jimbaran beach. There are also some beaches in Jimbaran-Bali that you can visit late afternoon before ready for  grilled seafood dinner! Padang beach, Pandawa beach, Dreamland beach, and Suluban beach and some more. Wow, what a place have several beaches! You can visit all those beaches in a day. We can set up a day tour for you to visit places you like including the beaches. Let us know your interest and we will take care of the rest!

Enjoy your stay at amazing hotels or resorts. High-end hotels or resorts at Jimbaran offer all what you need to relax, shopping at near-by local market, dining inside the restaurant, get a massage at the hotel's spa, or swimming at the outdoor hotel's pool

Le-Meridien Resorts - Jimbaran-Bali (Pictures Credit to LeMeridien.com)

Traditional and cultural temples, parks and attractions are also things draw you to Jimbaran

There are may types of tours; half day, full day, private tour that will take you to traditional and cultural attractions around Jimbaran. 

One of the best place to visit on a tour package is Uluwatu beach where you can exploring the amazing temple of Uluwatu   with the shimmering Indian Ocean as the backdrop  . You will also enjoy an amazing sunset here as well as the popular Kecak dance performance. Your tour will finish with a tasty seafood BBQ dinner in Jimbaran Bay.

Any plan of having a luxury or adventure family vacation in Jimbaran-Bali ? Let's talk that you will have a less or free-hassle dream vacation with your partner, friends or family! 

Pictures of a cultural temple - Uluwatu, Kecak Dance- a balinese traditional dance, GWK cultural park at Jimbaran Area(Pictures Credt to Viator) 

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