Dubai taxi is safe and reliable 

Dubai taxi operations including the safety and fares shall comply with the Dubai Road Traffic Authority (RTA), an authority that is responsible for planning and providing the requirements of transport, roads & traffic in the Emirate of Dubai. Enhancing the public transport facilities and improving roads across the emirate to make travel safer and smoother has been in the Dubai government's agenda. The operating standards is strict to ensure that public transport is as safe as can be. Even though the official language of Dubai is Arabic, it is a bilingual country and English is widely spoken everywhere, taxi driver inclusive.   

Take legal Dubai Taxi only

In Dubai, taxi is the favorite public transport among others as it is the fastest way of getting around the city, especially to places that are not well-connected by the metro.  While most of malls have a metro station beside but the walks can be long and remember the temperature outside in Dubai is 48°C (120°F), during summer.

The fares of Dubai taxi is relatively cheap though depending on what part of the world you are from. If you are from London, New York, Paris or Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver or Buffalo you’ll be in for a nice surprise.  Taxis at Dubai are all metered cabs and the fares are calculated according to the distance recorded.

There are both government-operated and private cab companies. Dubai Transport Corporation (DTC), a subsidiary of Dubai Government RTA operates the government taxi service called Dubai Taxi (cream coloured with a red roof). They also license other private taxi operators which are also cream coloured, though the roofs are differently coloured. Private taxi services include Arabia Taxi (green roof), City Taxi (purple roof), Cars Taxi (blue roof), Metro taxi (orange roof), National Taxi (yellow roof) and the Pink Taxi (owned and operated by government owned Dubai Taxi for women and families with a pink roof). Thus you would know to which company the cab belongs to by the color

Most of if not all Dubai taxi companies have been increasing their quality management system by developing and training their entire team to serve various needs of taxi passengers. 

Taxi services in Dubai are abundant and can be hailed down, while on the road or booked to arrive at your doorstep or can be found outside major malls or hotels. The red light implies taxi is occupied, while yellow light indicates it is available. Each type of legal Dubai Taxi is metered and safe. Do NOT get into unmarked taxis, because it may get involved in scams. If sometimes you are trapped by a doorman of the hotel to use an unmarked taxi, you need to figure whether it is metered. I would go with a metered taxi which you will not have surprise at the end.

Picture is courtesy of Gulfnews. Dubai taxis with different colors on top part

Dubai taxi service types 

 Functionally, there are 4 taxi types in Dubai; regular transport taxi, airport taxi, female taxi and special-need taxi. On top of those services there is an option to select type of car and service; luxury taxis.

Regular Dubai taxi

  • These are taxis that you will mostly see on the roads of Dubai and there is always a few taxis waiting outside every hotel and major tourist destination. 
  • Most if not all the taxi drivers all have a good knowledge of the tourist attractions, hotels and other major locations in Dubai
  • All Dubai taxi drivers also command more than one language.. 
  • What about uber in Dubai?   While taking an uber, at other countries cost less than that of taxi, not in Dubai. Uber is a bit more expensive in Dubai. However, some travellers found it is perfectly justifiable. Because it's only licensed to be operated by rent-a-car or limo companies. It's not public use same as internationally. They're also not allowed to pick up customers from taxi stands so they rely on the app, which not many use.
  • So, regular taxi is still the best and cheapest way to get around the city.  It is also easy to book it online via some applications
  • Click government RTA website for more about how to book a taxi and figure the fares 

airport taxi

  • Airport taxi. This service enables you to commute upon your arrival to Dubai Airport. There are selections of Dubai taxi in the airport; regular taxi, luxury taxi, family taxi, taxi for females and special need taxi.
  • Dubai Airport taxis are available 24 hours a day and the taxi ranks can be found directly outside each of the terminal building arrival areas.  Taking a Dubai taxi is safe, whether you arrive at the airport day or midnight, and many travellers or residents are happy with the services the Dubai taxi provides.
  • Also, if you are a female travelling on your own the guys who organise the taxi ranks at the airports terminals will, whenever possible, get you a pink topped taxi which is driven by a lady. But you shouldn't be worried at all if one of these isn't available.
  • The important thing is that be sure you give the taxi drive your destination address. Keep in mind, there are more than one Meridian, Hilton, Meridian, etc that if you give the driver the exact location it will be very helpful. It is always suggested that you know the address, at the very least you should have the  phone number of your destination with you that the taxi driver could call your hotel or your relatives or friends for a more precise address or directions. 
  • The taxis at Dubai Airport are all metered cabs and are calculated according to the distance recorded.

female taxi

  • Taxi for females is a dedicated service for ladies, driven by female drivers. According to Muslim rules, a woman can not be alone with an unfamiliar man. On top of that many of them do not feel comfortable sitting in the car with a male driver, especially at night. That`s the taxis for women are for. 
  • Those female Dubai taxi drivers are from different countries who had been through screening process and have underwent special training before they drive the cab.
  • However, just because this female taxi is created for woman passenger does not mean that a man can not take a female taxi. He can do that  if he travels with a female friend, wife, sister or mother. 
  • Female taxi has a radiant pink roof top and the driver usually wears a uniform that includes a pink or beige hat over the headscarf and waistcoat of the same colors.

special need taxi

Photo is a courtesy of GulfNews

  • Special need Dubai taxi. The Government of Dubai has taken special measures to facilitate physically challenged individuals and assisted them in becoming active citizens/residents/visitors of the country.
  • This  service is designed particularly as a ‘Special Wheel for Special Need’ with the  features that include but not limited to an electrical wheel chair, special access platforms and flexible seating arrangement to accommodate the customers with special need assistance. 
  • It is required that the drivers of this special-need taxi had been trained to drive specialized vehicles for special customers to suit the needs of physically challenged people.
  • This taxi can be reserved 24 hours.

luxury taxi

  • Luxury taxi is more sumptuous than regular taxi. This taxi offers unique service with its luxurious comfort, privacy and a chauffeur that knows exactly where to take you and he/she makes sure you get there on time. With this exclusive service you have the most comfortable rides, lavish cars and privacy
  • All chauffeurs in luxury taxi are well trained and the taxis are available in many locations, you can take a taxi from the airport or from your front door
  • You can select any type of luxury car you want, from the latest models of sports cars to an extravagant limousine and most of  luxury taxi companies have it all.
  • No mater the company you decide on, a luxury Dubai taxi, with  will bring you the most comfort for short rides. With beautiful cars and relaxing interiors, the ride will be smooth and definitely worth it. 
  • Dubai is one of the safest tourism place in the world. However, there is always a chance that some individuals try to scam you by offering luxury taxi. One of the ways to prevent it from happening is be recognizing the luxury taxi's chauffeurs. The drivers of luxury taxi wear black uniforms and some of them with black caps.
  • If for some reasons you feel being scammed you can call “Call 800 9090" and file a complaint on the vehicle number plate and the RTA will take the necessary measures regarding the subject. Beside that, the fraud driver will get a Dh5,000 fine, and the amount will be multiplied in case the driver repeats the offence.

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