Dubai fountain - one of the most romantic destinations in dubai

The Dubai Fountain named as the world's second largest choreographed fountain system set on the Burj Khalifa Lake and one of the best musical fountain in the world. As visitors have been mesmerized with the beautiful sight in the surrounding and the dancing fountain itself, this area has also been called as one of the most romantic destinations in Dubai.

The fountain are one of the most popular visitor attractions in downtown Dubai with a captivating water, music and light spectacle. You can enjoy short displays in the afternoon, or a more extravagant evening display as the elaborate production lights up the night sky over downtown Dubai. Many travellers enjoy the evening event better as it is more impressive. 

During the day, you can watch the lunchtime show and in the evenings, performances start every half an hour and stops at 11.30pm. With daily performances, this incredible dancing water fountain show entices audiences from all around Dubai to witness a few minutes of classical, Arabic and world music. Definitely worth a visit. CNN has reported that the fountains is one of the spectacular fountains in the world. 

how and where to get the most of Dubai fountain's attractions

You can watch the fountains free of charge from outside the Dubai Mall, or sip a refreshing drink and have a quick bite in any of the surrounding restaurants while viewing the mesmeric dancing fountains. 

Or you can have a dinner in the Dubai Mall while watching the fountains are dancing in the programmed songs from all over the world intermittently with Arabic song. It is just quite amazing and romantic to catch the impressive light and water show at the fountains. 

Here are some places or could be the best ones for you to view the Dubai fountain.

Please keep in mind that enjoying the fountains is free and no booking is required, just walk outside The Dubai Mall or around the lake and pick a spot to watch them. 

  • The Kinokuniya bookshop on the top floor of the Dubai Mall has a cafe with an outdoor balcony from which you can see the fountain displays.
  • Cafe Madeline with a large outdoor area and good views of the fountains
  • Joe's Cafe on Level 1 of the Dubai Mall has a balcony with a good view.
  • Cafe Havana on the Ground Floor (near the indoor waterfall) also has a balcony with a good view
  • The bridge between Souk Al Bahar and the Dubai Mall is a good spot, and has a handy rail to put your camera on at night so you don't get blurry photos.
  • There are several restaurants in Souk Al Bahar from which you can get a good view too
  • During the day, you can watch the lunchtime show and in the evenings, performances start every half an hour and stops at 11.30pm.

You can also glide along with abra (the water taxi)  to enjoy the evening around the Dubai fountain that you can watch the dancing fountains and illuminated Dubai from the river in the evening! The abra ride takes passengers for a close up view of the Dubai Fountain display but without getting them wet (or too wet). This experience will make your luxury travel in Dubai memory last forever! It is very entertaining!

some facts about the fountain

Here some facts about the fountains from legitimates sources, for your information:

  • The fountain is one of the world’s tallest fountains, surpassing the Fountains of Bellagio at Las Vegas.
  • The Dubai fountain is 275 meters long, and is 25 % larger than the Fountains of Bellagio at Las Vegas.
  • The can be seen from over 200 miles away up in space or horizontally if you have a clear line of sight.
  • The fountains can shoot to the maximum height of 150 meters, which is equivalent to the 50-story building.
  • The beam of light shining upward from the fountain can be seen from over 20 miles away
  • The fountain lake fills the gap between the Dubai Mall, The Palace Hotel, and Souk Al Bahar 
  • Visitors, tourists, residents can go on a scenic boat ride around the Dubai Fountain Lake 
  • Boats used are traditional style abras with modern style electric motors and cushions
  • Make sure visiting this dancing and spectacular fountain is in your Dubai luxury travel itinerary. 

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