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Dubai car rental guide page will help you answer a common question, " What is the best and cheaper transport option in Dubai while on Dubai vacation?" Driving a rental car or use public transportation?  This page will outline things to know for driving in Dubai,  the advantages of using a rental car as well as the disadvantages. 

What is it like driving in dubai

Before jumping into Dubai car rental and driving tips, let's talk about what residents of UAE made up of. I never done the research for the rest of countries but to my instinct it is only UAE where its own inhabitant (or citizen) constitutes 10 - 15 percent of the country's total population... wow!

It means the rest of the residents are immigrants! Do you know what other countries comprise of the similar of residents proportion as that of UAE?

The UAE is home to over 200 nationalities and make it as one of the world's highest percentage of immigrants and Dubai is the second largest city with the most populated Emirate with 35.6% of the UAE population.

As a home to over 200 nationalities  there is always a possibility that those who drive (including public transport drivers in all Dubai car rental companies) sometime still carry over their driving behaviour from their countries. Such as changing the lane without signaling, do not do blind spot checking when cutting  lane, in a constant state of panic and urgency, flashing headlights and aggressive behaviour when driving. 

While Dubai driving rules and laws are fairly standard and will be similar to most other countries. Adherence to the rules of the road is a different story. You should also agree that not only does driving behaviour play crucial roles in traffic slow but also road accident rate in the area.

Having said, for you who decide to rent a car on your vacation in Dubai will have to drive in those possible atmosphere. Again, some of you may have a good state of adrenalin that those road atmosphere wont affect you at all. Scared?

Not necessary because Dubai is constantly make efforts to make the city as one of the best, safest, and loving destinations in the world, including safety on the road.  Check this Car Accident Rate that UAE is in the group of countries with low rate even though not as low as Canada or Japan

Dubai car rental tips and info

  • Renting a car in Dubai is very simple.
  • Most of the car rental providers in Dubai are reliable and offer quality vehicles.
  • It depends on your budget and goal you can choose any type of the vehicle you need. Dubai car rental companies offer visitors with a large range of cars to rent, such as luxury convertibles or economical vehicles for affordable but quality transport. 
  • After you choose a car as per your necessities go though various terms and conditions in the rental contract 
  • Always make sure you have collision and damage insurance and personal accident insurance in place
  • Dubai is very hot be sure to rent a car with air conditioning for the summer months.
  • When renting any vehicle,  make sure that lights, horn, seats, starter and mirrors are all in good working order. Do not hesitate to ask if you doubt about the car conditions. Whether it is international or local, Dubai car rental companies are very professional and people work there are nice and helpful.
  • Almost all cars come with GPS navigator but you should keep a map for your safety.
  • Check the car rental company for the best gas to fill up the tank. Throughout the Middle East, gas is relatively cheap. There are two types of gas;  ‘Super’ (or mumtaz) is 98 octane and regular petrol they call it as benzin
  • Service stations are few and far between in remote areas and on many desert roads, and for this reason it is advisable that you keep the tank filled if you intend to travel long distances. 
  • There are many Dubai car rental companies that you can book it online and some hotels in Dubai can also arrange a best car rental deal for you
  • The Dubai rental car company that you choose will always make sure your are eligible to drive in Dubai from age point of view that you must be older than 20 years 

Driving in Dubai (pic is courtesy of Emirate247)

things to know before driving on your Dubai vacation

Why renting a car on your Dubai vacation?

  • There are so many Dubai car rental companies, international or local, that all offer you with a large of car selection to meet your family or your own necessities
  • Having your own car will allow you to stop by places spontaneously without relying on someone else.
  • With your own car, you can take trips that are outside of the predefined routes of public transport. This way you will see much more of Dubai!
  • When you drive your own car you don’t have to rely on public transport time schedules. You also don’t waste time queuing for taxis.
  • With so many attractions in Dubai that you do not want to miss on and having the convenience of your own car means you can appreciate any sites you wish and at your own pace
  • Gas is relatively cheap compared with UK, US and Canada and perhaps from other countries too
  • Dubai possesses a world class road infrastructure making the roads safe and easy to drive on, but traffic is almost happening every day especially in rush hours. But if you do know where to go and being able to figure where the congestion is, you should be at the good shape to go. 
  • If you have international driving license, it is a boon for you because you will get temporary driving license by just showing it to your Dubai car rental company.
  • Save hundreds of dollar by renting a car from Dubai car rental companies as rental fee is relatively cheap while you can drive to various locations with your friends or family.  at cheap rate and drive to various famous locations with your family, friends and relatives.
  • Check HERE for citizens of 26 nationalities who are allowed to drive with licences issued from their home countries during their visit to the UAE 
  • If you can confidently drive even in unfamiliar city, if you like to be independent of public transport schedules or just plan to drive throughout the city very often, then car rental is your choice

Factors to be considered before driving in Dubai.  

  • Dubai vehicles are left-hand drive. Visitors from a country with right-hand drive may not drive at all in Dubai
  • Not only the traffic jams, but also the chaotic and aggressive driving of many people in Dubai can be very stressful if you are not used to it.
  • Road signage is in English and Arabic, but it may be confusing for you who is not used to it.  Main locations within Dubai are indicated by green road signs. Blue signs show the directions to other emirates, while brown is used to indicate landmarks, and white is for street names. Your Dubai car rental company perhaps will give you this information in front. Travellers has been amazed  with rental car company's customer service
  • Many roads still don’t have road names (most drivers take landmarks as indications). Ongoing construction and roads changes might be confusing if you are not familiar with the city. Your Dubai car rental company should be a good source for the road map information
  • Dubai has plenty of speed cameras however that doesn’t stop people from speeding a lot.
  • Undertaking cars are, unfortunately, a fact of driving life in Dubai even though it is against the traffic rules law (imagine this on a 8-lane highway).
  • Finding a spot can really be a pain, either at malls or other tourist destinations.
  • Many drivers do not keep a safe distance
  • Stay as far away from the trucks as possible. They do not stop very quickly and cannot see you if you are alongside them or are immediately in front of them. 

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